About us

Skyint was created at the intersection of space technologies, cutting-edge software development, and web technologies.

Skyint speaks space technologies

Space has always fascinated us, and we believe that space technologies enable the creation of previously unimaginable solutions to global issues. We want to contribute to this development process by providing solutions of the highest quality and helping your mission to succeed.
We know what it takes to get from an idea to a space mission. As seasoned professionals having contributed to multiple CubeSat microsatellite missions, we experienced designing and developing high availability, fault-tolerant software used in mission-critical systems.
Skyint contributors are space enthusiasts with 10+ years of experience designing, implementing, testing, and operating mission-critical software, including Cat B/C/D software criticality components.

Skyint speaks cutting-edge software development

We believe that being digital and having software is a must, but it is just the first step. A real differentiator is having software that is of the highest quality, meets standards, tested, and is proven to work even in a complex mission.
We follow, learn and use the latest software development best practices and tools, including CI/CD, automated testing, DevOps, Cloud technologies. This enables an efficient development process with software quality staying front and center.
We know and apply standards for software architecture, design, quality, and testing, including ECSS and Misra C.

Skyint speaks web technologies

We believe that providing a gateway to the world using the screen in front of you or in your pocket enables a flexible, adaptable, and efficient approach to showcase your mission. It does not have to be rocket science, at least not for the users.
Applying web technologies means way more than websites. We create web-based applications that empower by giving access to software exceeding the status quo, with ease of access not available with native desktop applications.
We combine web technologies such as HTML5 and CSS with the latest Javascript/ECMAScript tools, including ReactJS, NodeJS, GatsbyJS, NextJS, and much more, staying at the forefront of technology innovation, adoption, and application.

Our achievements

  • Skyint was contracted to develop flight software for the European Space Agency (ESA) in the frame of the General Support Technology Programme (GSTP).

  • Skyint established its quality management system (QMS) in order to increase quality of software products and software engineering services, to meet and exceed customers' expectations.

  • Skyint become member of the Hungarian Space Cluster.

  • Skyint was selected to participate in the European Space Agency's (ESA) business incubation (BIC) programme with a Space-Data-as-a-Service (SDaaS) solution.

  • Skyint Ltd. was established.

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